Something's Brewing . . .

It has been quite a rollercoaster for me since the last less formal post. 

Been through a temporary upheaval that affected any sense of living or capability to believe in one's self. It's worse when that enemy is a system that's in desperate need of a good piece of humble pie with a good dollop of common sense on the side. 

But the certain turbulence I got battered with did give me some ounces of humility, to enable me to look within myself; not only be able to smile and love myself flaws and all and be patient with myself, but to remember also - which most of us need daily - that Christ never turns away even in those moments and episodes where I would have cringed in recalling. Copyright © Diandra A. 2016

This isn't some cheesy phrase folks or copying off a bumper sticker; it actually places me more at rest to face life and live to the fullest. Including writing here again and love and do theatre all the more. Copyright © Diandra A. 2016

It also has made me more sensitive towards other people's trials and tribulations, even when their situations don't exactly reflect mine to a T.  

The sense of isolation, 
being shunned 
in response to silly mistakes and even pathetic actions. 

Facing the prejudice of narrow-minded people 
who would probably hide from the world 
if their own sins got pasted 
to the public eye. 

I pity the narrow-minded
as much as their actions and behaviour 
lead me into a symphony of exasperation

Yep, the latter felt those trials
currently going through them.
I felt them
winced their same pain, and I am glad to look back . . .

  Copyright © Diandra A. 2016

I am glad to have suffered 

and survived those things 

that has made me sensitive to others' Calvaries. 

  Copyright © Diandra A. 2016

Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried,   

Grapple to thy soul with hoops of steel. - Hamlet Act I Sc3


 (Seems fitting 

to grappling also 

their pain with empathy)

  Copyright © Diandra A. 2016

Hope ingrained deeper into the structure of my soul, even facing a society where daily amnesia and ignorance is the pleasant comfort and permission slip to talk crap - 'xcuse my French - and waste their lives doing so. Copyright © Diandra A. 2016


And I am all the more glad to currently go through a new venture that makes me more myself in the process.Copyright © Diandra A. 2016


Two years ago I directed a Maltese One Act play by Guze' Aquilina - an adventure in itself as it never got staged till then. 

  Copyright © Diandra A. 2016

 I was so engrossed in the process, in the many leaps of faith I took in taking risks within this production, was so uplifting from day one to final curtain call and to receive so much confirmation of the good that came about on so many levels, that I had thought as a director I wouldn't be able to do any other play better afterwards. Copyright © Diandra A. 2016


When I ventured with a different English play the following year and formed a family with the lovely all-female cast, it was through that production I realised that I had nailed and developed a method within those two years that worked both as an actor and a director.


That same Maltese play, I am happy to update, has been accepted to be performed for the annual city festival known as Notte Bianca. AND it'll be performed just as unique and new, through a medium which for the time being I will not jinx in revealing just yet. Copyright © Diandra A. 2016


In the rehearsal process all those opportunities to take leaps of faith has come back and rejuvinated within me the love to create again. I almost didn't recognise how much changes came about, and yet the play proves itself as young as two years ago (paradox intended). So yeah, I'm sensing a good change coming about, and something I've been longing to do since I was doing my Theatre and English degree.


 It ain't no hobby, or else I wouldn't be blessed again in this way. God help our country from those who see artists as mere enthusiasts or call what we do . . . a hobby (facepalm). X'pacenzja!Copyright © Diandra A. 2016

Also I have been eyeing with enthusiasm an audition of my favourite play - next to Shakespeare - that I hope that this time I'll be blessed with the opportunity to get out of waiting by the wings and show local theatre goers what I can do. Copyright © Diandra A. 2016


As much as the past turbulence has encouraged me to take risks and go against the current on another level in society, I am still an actor. Copyright © Diandra A. 2016



 Stay tuned . . .


Copyright © Diandra A. 2016